The Simple Productivity E-Book Created by Leo Babauta

The author of ZTD eBook

Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger & author. He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog (according to TIME magazine) with 260,000 subscribers and the best-selling book Zen To Done.

Babauta is a former journalist of 18 years, a husband, father of six children, and in 2010 moved from Guam to San Francisco, where he leads a simple life.

He started Zen Habits to chronicle and share what he learned while changing a number of habits:

  • Quit smoking (on Nov. 18, 2005).
    Really the change that set all the other changes in motion. Quitting smoking taught me a lot about changing habits and accomplishing goals, and all the elements needed to make this successful. I had tried and failed to quit smoking before, and when I was successful this time, I analyzed it and learned from it and was inspired by my success. Success can breed success, if you take advantage of it.
    ~ Leo
  • Became a runner.
    In order to relieve stress without smoking, I took up running. I started out by running about half a mile, heavily winded after doing so. I slowly built up my distance and within a month was running my first 5K. Soon after, I was so into running that I decided to run my first marathon.
    ~ Leo
  • Ran several marathons and triathlons.
    About a year after I started running, I completed my first marathon. I didn’t do it very fast, but I did it. It had always been one of my lifetime goals, and completing it was one of the very best things I’ve ever done. Since then I’ve done two others, including the Honolulu marathon
    ~ Leo
  • Began waking early.
    In order to get my running in, I decided to start waking early. I did it slowly, and once I began waking early, I began to discover the joys of the quiet morning hours. I get so much more done in the morning — not work, but working on my goals.
    ~ Leo
  • Became organized and productive.
    In early 2006, I decided to create simple systems for organizing. I learned how to keep my files in order, how to stay on top of my paperwork, to be organized at home and work. I’m not perfect, but I’m much, much improved over how I was before.
    ~ Leo
  • Began eating healthier.
    As a runner, and someone with the goal of losing weight, I decided I needed to eat healthier. I began cutting back on unhealthy things like fried and salty and sweet foods. I ate leaner poultry and fish, more fruits and veggies, more whole grains. It felt great!
    ~ Leo
  • Became a vegetarian.
    In August 2006, I decided to become vegetarian. I first cut out meat, and then slowly transitioned to a 99% vegan diet (now fully vegan). I don’t drink milk or eat eggs. I am eating healthier than ever before.
    ~ Leo
  • Tripled his income.
    I was only working as a free-lancer for most of 2005, and wasn’t making enough to support my family, looking back on it. I got a job and continued free-lancing and effectively doubled my take-home by working two jobs (while still having time for exercise and my family). Now I make much more than that working for myself.
    ~ Leo
  • Wrote a novel and a non-fiction book.
    I participated in NaNoWriMo 2006, and completed 50,000 words in November 2006 for my novel. Actually, I still need to finish the ending and revise it, but achieving my goal of 50,000 words was awesome.
    ~ Leo
  • Eliminated his debt.
    I started with some smaller bills in 2006, and paid off every single debt by the end of the 2007. It was amazing! I now live debt-free.
    ~ Leo
  • Simplified his life.
    I have become fairly frugal, and have reduced a lot of clutter in my life. A little at a time, gradually getting better, but I’m pretty happy with the simplicity of my house and the rest of my life.
    ~ Leo
  • Lost weight (more than 50 pounds).
    I’ve lost about 65 pounds and am fitter than ever.
    ~ Leo
  • Gave up his car, and is now car-free.
    These days my family walks or takes mass transit, and we’re also starting to take up bicycling.
    ~ Leo